Pottsville Area Information

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About Pottsville

There are few large businesses in Pottsville with most or all being family- or self-owned. Workers for large companies usually commute to larger cities like Russellville.

The major events in the year are Butterfield Days, celebrating the history of the town when the Butterfield stagecoach Route ran through the town. This directly caused the rise of the town when the Potts family set up a boarding house for travellers to rest, creating a place for people to stay, instead of continuing onward. The Potts Inn is now a museum.

Basketball was the crowning sport in Pottsvile, before the recreation of a football team in 2002, which was the first Pottsville football team since the 1930s). Ultra-modern facilities have been in place at the high school for about seven years, replacing most of the older gymnasium which is now at the Middle Grades and Elementary grounds. That gym itself was the replacement for the old rock gym which was torn down in 2000 to build an annex to the Middle Grades building. These were probably inspired by the age and unique pine smell of the building. Recently there has been a new football facility added to further advance the beloved football team.

A large portion of people who are affiliated with Pottsville, though not inside the rather small city limits and thus not a portion of the population, reside on Crow Mountain – a hill which covers nearly as much area as the town of Pottsville itself and rises no more than about 250 feet in any area. Landmarks include Galla Creek. While the majority of people living here were once of the Jones clan, times have caused diversification and thinning of that family, showing how the community has grown.